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How to sell?

1. Registration is free on Delcampe. You just have to fill in our registration form.

2. We send an email with your password, sign in thanks to your nickname and your password.

3. Establish your Conditions of Sales that contains all information about delivery (shipping costs, etc...), payment (PayPal, Skrill, bank transfer, cash on delivery, Visa, Eurocard/Mastercard, American Express, postal order, national or international cheques, cash) and guarantee.

4. Fill in the sales form for each item you want to sell (Delcampe Website, categories, title, description, pictures, type of sale, price, ending date, renewal, selling options, etc...).

5. Your item is put on sale and buyers can place bids. When an item is unsold, it will be automatically renewed if you asked for a restart when filling in the sales form. There are no sales fees, it is FREE (unlesss you chose sales options).

6. When your item is sold, all necessary information about the sale is sent automatically to you and your buyer. Contact your buyer as soon as possible and give him all information nexessary to make the payment and the exact amount to pay. If you have set up your payment methods, your buyer can directly pay you through one of these methods.

7. Once the payment is made, you can send the item to the buyer as soon as possible.

8. Leave feedback and a comment for your buyer. He will do the same once he has received the item.

9. Sales fees on sold items will be applied. At the beginning of each month, we will add the sales made the previous month (Rates).


There are no insertion fees, listing an item is completely free on Delcampe (unless you take sales options).

- Sales fees are only applied on sold items... and they are reasonable (Rates).

- Thanks to the Delcampe e-wallet you can immediately receive your buyer's payments.

- Delcampe is international: each country has its national website and all sales are gathered on an international website.

- Delcampe is user-friendly and was made by collectors for collectors.

- On Delcampe you can find a comprehensive online help and an effective customer support that is close to members.

- Delcampe is a user-friendly website, where trust, passion and conviviality in transactions are of great importance.

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