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How can I buy?

1. Registration is free on Delcampe. You just have to fill in our registration form.

2. We send an email with your password. You can Sign in thanks to your nickname and password.

3. Look for the item of your choice thanks to our search engine or browse the categories.

4. Once you have found the item of your choice, carefully read the information on the item presentation page like the title, description, sales conditions, shipping fee and the message from the seller. In case of a doubt, you can ask the seller a question on the sales page.
You are also advised to consult the seller's profile (look at his history, feedbacks, etc.) by clicking on his nickname.

5. You are interested in the item?

  • Make an offer
  • Buy immediately at a fixed price (only for a fixed price sale)
  • Place it in your cart (only for a fixed price sale)

6.a. In the case of an auction, you buy the item if, at the moment of the closing of the sale, you are the highest bidder.
6.b. In the case of a fixed price sale, you buy the item immediately or confirm your cart.

7. An automatic email that contains the main information about the sale is sent to both you and the seller. Contact your seller as soon as possible to agree on the payment method and the exact amount to be paid. If you have activated Skrill or PayPal, you can pay your seller immediately.

8. Pay the item with a payment method offered by the seller. He can choose between: PayPal, Skrill, bank Transfer, COD (Charge on Delivery), national or international cheque, cash, etc.

9. Once he has received the payment, the seller will send you the items bought.

10. After reception of the items, you can give feedback to the seller and add a commentary about the transaction. He can return feedback.


You can safely buy items from our collectors who have much positive feedback. Note that Delcampe believes security is very important.

- Delcampe allows you to pay instantaneously your sellers through virtual payment methods.

- Delcampe is international: some countries have a national website and all sales and websites are combined into one international website.

- Delcampe is a simple website made by collectors, for collectors.

- Delcampe offers a complete Help manual and a support which provides human contact and works efficiently.

- Delcampe is a website with a human touch where trust, passion and friendliness are keywords.

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