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The rates. What are the rates?
General message

Delcampe and Skrill are separate institutions. Consequently, the support service provided by Delcampe can't assist during transactions with Skrill. Note that these transactions are confidential.

However, you can benefit from Skrill assistance by clicking here.

You can discover a presentation about Skrill' services by clicking here.


  • Opening an account is free
  • To send funds is free
  • A mere 2% + 0.19 Eur fee is charged for receiving money when using Skrill via Delcampe. This low rate allows us to render this payment method available to everyone on Delcampe and make it very competitive with regards to other payment solutions.

    • To receive 5.00 Eur, the fee is 0.29 Eur.
    • To receive 50.00 Eur, the fee is 1.19 Eur.
  • Costs when adding money to or retrieving money from your account.
The fee depends on the payment method used.
Please check out the rates on the Skrill website for additional information.
  • Advice: If costs are charged when adding or receiving money, you can transfer bigger amounts and reduce the number o transfers you make. There's no minimum amount or a deadline to add or receive funds.
  • Fees for currency changes.
Skrill applies fees if the person who sends the money uses a different currency than the person who receives the money.
You can consult the rates on the Skrill website for more information.