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The payment methods. How do they work on the website?

General message:

Delcampe, PayPal and Skrill are separate institutions. Consequently, the support service provided by Delcampe can't assist during transactions. Note that these transactions are confidential.

However, you can benefit from assistance by these websites by clicking here


By setting up your payment methods on the website, you will be able to pay for your purchases and be paid for your sales.

The buyer finds an item on the website that he can pay by using the payment methods accepted by the seller;

He/ she buys it in an auction or a fixed price sale ;

The seller, via the website, sends the buyer an invoice by email, including the summary of the purchases and the total amount, shipping and handling fee included;

The buyer clicks on the link "Pay now through the system of payments management" in the invoice email;

5° The buyer pays;

The payment is made! In case the payment is made by Skrill or PayPal, the seller receives an email that he/ she can send the items!