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A bid. How can I cancel a bid?
For a fixed price sale, it is not possible to cancel your bid. You should contact your seller to see if the sale can be cancelled. Important note: he/she can refuse to cancel the sale. However, for an auction, you can ask to have your bid "exceptionally removed".

A buyer that has made a bid by error can cancel his/her bid within 24 hours. However, two conditions should be met: the sale should not be over and he/she has to be the only bidder. Each member can cancel 5 bids each 30 days.
The buyer has to justify his/her actions and contact the seller.

You can cancel a bid by logging on and visiting the sales page.
Here, you will see a yellow frame above the item title, in which you can find a link "Withdraw your bid for this sale".
Note that you won't be able to cancel your bid if it was made more than 24 hours ago. You will thus have to contact the seller to explain the situation and ask if he wants to cancel the transaction. In this case, we advise the seller to leave you  "a comment only" feedback to cancel the sale.