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1 - Start on Delcampe

Help, the Delcampe website and the Community

2 - Register (account, subscriptions,...)

The registration form (nickname, password,...), opening a session, modifying personal data, purchasing a subscription to the Club+, closing your account,...

3 - Rates and payments

The Delcampe fees, the sales options, the declarations of unpaid items, the Club+, the system of payment methods management, professional members and merging sales commission

4 - Search for items

The categories, the search engine, announce my search, the tools and much more

5 - Buy

The sales description, the seller's profile, the offers (automatic, lower, group,...) PayPal, mediation,...

6 - Sell

The sales form, the sales conditions, selling, modifying and closing a sale, sales options (lower, group,...),...

7 - The payment methods

General presentation and advantages, system functionning, Skrill, PayPal...

8 - The security on Delcampe

Security, Moderators, Terms and Conditions,...

9 - Solving difficulties

Mediation, technical difficulties, the e-wallet, suspended or closed accounts,...

10 - Using the feedback

Using feedback, modifications, mediation,...

11 - Administrating your account; My Delcampe,...

Administrating your control panel

12 - Discover the tools and specialized services

Recommended tools, Delcampe services and tools, specialized websites

13 - We sell for you!

We sell for you!